The ID Experts


In medieval times a walled kingdom employed a gatekeeper at the city’s entrance to ward off invaders and keep the people of the kingdom safe.
In your business any employee who verifies identity before serving alcohol, renting a car, cashing a check, renting an expensive piece of equipment or extending credit is your first line of defense against today’s invaders. Your gatekeeper should have the proper training to keep your business safe.
All identity documents have recognizable and reliable security features and manufacturing characteristics. Learning the characteristics of a genuine ID is the foundation to protecting your business. The ID Experts have access to IDs issued in all 50 states, U.S. & foreign passports and foreign identity documents.
We can bring this to you and your business in a training that is comprehensive, informative and engaging.

  U.S. Driver Licenses



  Immigration Cards

  Foreign IDs


The ID Experts will teach your employees a system to examine identification before making critical decisions that affect your business.
When an employee has a standard protocol to follow they are better able to filter out the distractions that can affect their decisions. Underage kids and identity thieves rely on fake ID, distractions and lack of knowledge to get what they want. This training can keep your business safe from loss and liability.

Private Group Course

You can schedule a private course session for your employees that we will customize for your needs. Classes vary in length based on the training you choose for your staff. All equipment needed to check IDs are provided for participants to use while in class.

Open Classes

We offer open classes that may be attended by anyone who registers with us. The students are able to compare genuine and fake IDs, side-by-side, hear about the differences and handle real and fake to make the instruction as effective as possible. Check our current calendar of classes.

Online Courses

We will soon be incorporating online courses that you can request your staff to take. Each class participant will be given a certificate of completion as proof. Check back soon for this offering.

Our Instructors

Leslie Pond

Leslie is a 30 year law enforcement veteran, having worked throughout California.  Leslie is currently a Captain in State law enforcement in the central coast of California. During his career Leslie has worked with cities, counties, state and federal agencies throughout California, conducting and supervising criminal and administrative investigations. He has also helped thousands of businesses start and stay in operation.


In 1999, Leslie began working with clubs and bars to find ways to quickly, easily and reliably detect counterfeit identification. By comparing genuine IDs to counterfeits, Leslie found and catalogued reliable security features and manufacturing characteristics. In 2000, he began to provide training to law enforcement agencies throughout California. Since then, Leslie has provided this training to law enforcement agencies, bars, clubs and casinos throughout the nation.